Our policy is to be a school, which is very hospitable
Who attends our specialist college of further education for tourism has decided on a varied and creative job. This job requires high quality standards, flexibility and great pleasure in dealing with people. Guests want to be treated professionally. So you need an established education and constant further development of your skills if you want to master your job successfully.
The teachers at our specialist college of further education are pedagogues and educators who were employed in gastronomy or are still employed there. So we can guarantee our graduates the maximum in practically orientated qualification. In close collaboration with the employers who are responsible for the practical training and the apprenticeship of the young people, our school adapts its curriculum to the requirements of the economy.

Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership

Program Erasmus+ formal education
Title of the project: Culinary Trip through Europe

The project promotes the increase of the standard of the training for jobs in the categories of cookery, nutrition and tourism. This happens in a consortium of four comparable schools. Besides special skills, the project also touches upon the goals, the parameter and the curricula, not only the exchange of common and proven experience, as scheduled in the „Partnerships of Schools Only“. The essential European value of the project is the creation of a vocational network, the cultural and international substitute exchange between students and teachers. The successful outcome of the project will be the release of the recipe book „Culinary Trip through Europe“.

Job describtions:

… work, where other people want to make holidays


If you like to refine natural food, create food and dishes, put menus together for weddings, baptisms, company parties and more, the job as a cooker is perfect for you!

Job description

As a cook you are responsible for the flavour formation and the culinary style of a company. Your professional responsibilities include the preparation of meals, soups, main courses and desserts. You have to pay attention to the natural properties of the food.


Pleasure in practical activities, hygiene, teamwork, good general knowledge, creativity, good organisational skills, load-bearing capacity, flexibility.
3 years at the professional school – ten weeks per year
A cook has a high reputation in the world of culinary enjoyment. You find a job in all levels of catering and gastronomy, hotels, canteens, ship and many more all over the world. If you want to be a cook, you have the most secure job.
Development opportunities
Kitchen master, Chef de Partie, chef, F&B Manager, diet professional, Nutrients, self-employer, director.

Hotel- and guest assistants

Do you like being communicative and want to work with people? Are you good at working on the computer and maths and can you solve problems professionally? Are foreign cultures and languages an enrichment of your life? Then job as a hotel- and guest assistant is perfect for you.
Job description
Hotel- and guest assistants are the managers of the guests’ comfort in the hotel. You also have to make a rainy day an unforgettable day for the guest. Reservations, billings, calculations and the controlling are also part of your responsibilities.
Pleasure in the contact with people, friendliness, open mindedness, good general knowledge, good language and a well-groomed appearance, rapid understanding and load capacity, discretion and prudence, pleasure to learn new languages and an open mind to foreign cultures, good at working with numbers.
3 Years, professional school – ten weeks per year
The tourism branch has an annual rate of increase and offers jobs for hotel- and guest assistants all over the world. Training in international hotels, on ships or in holiday- and in luxury hotels provides the basis for the promotion to the management.
Development opportunities
Receptionist, assistant to the directorate, event manager, seminar manager, sales manager, marketing manager, hotel management, to be self employed

 Restaurant specialist

(before: waiter/waitress)

Are you a host and take delight in satisfying your guests? Do you see a festive table as a challenge for your professional knowledge and skills ? With your ability to organise, your charm and your commitment, you will master the critical situation. Then the restaurant is the right workplace for you.

Job description

Restaurant staff guides the guest through the offer of the kitchen and cellar. Expert advice on food and drinks is one of your strengths. The organization of family celebrations and events belongs to your responsibilities. Your creativity is required at the bar or at the flambé, carving … etc. The collection and the daily settlement is also part of your responsibilities.


Pleasure in contact with people, good knowledge, good manners and well-groomed appearance, quick comprehension, resilience, discretion, prudence and joy in learning foreign languages.


3 years at the professional school – ten weeks per year

Future prospects

With the rising living standards and the economic networks, the number of travelers is constantly increasing. Interesting work places in various restaurants, on the ship or in a bar will always be offered.

Development opportunities

Maître d’hôtel, Chef de bar, Food and Beverage Manager, Sommelier / Sommelier, Ship steward, Butler / Butler, Restaurant or hotel manager / restaurant or hotel manager, independent entrepreneur.

Apprenticeship with school leaving examination

Professional maturity exam: Additional education

German ECDL, EBCL Step A
Creative cooking
Mathematics Oenological internship, bar internship
Field work Italian communication in tourism
(PLIDA – Dante Alighieri), wine Sommelier,
cheese Sommelier

The project gives the apprentice the chance, to receive one of the most comprehensive practical trainings and later to take on leading positions such as kitchen chef, chief receptionist, restaurant manager, F & B manager, banquet manager … Through language training, all paths are open for an international career.

Similarly, the foundations for entrepreneurship in tourism are laid.

With the completion of the Professional maturity exam, one obtains the right to choose any degree in Austria.

You have your own income from the beginning of the doctrine, is self-responsible for the shaping of his life and stands „with both legs“ – doctrine and vocational examination-in life.

„Apprenticeship with school leaving examination“ … what has to be done?

• agreement must be reached between the company, apprentice and persons entitled to education

• Completion of an apprenticeship contract with the addition “ Apprenticeship with school leaving examination.“


The traditional teaching is extended by the vocational examination
(Apprenticeship with school leaving examination)
Additional modules in the areas of personality development and IT
Apprenticeship contract with additional arrangements for attending the preparatory course for vocational examinations.
Teaching contract with additional agreement

The supplementary agreement to the

Teaching contract includes:
A) The objective for the young person to complete the vocational examinations examination in addition to his / her apprenticeship.
B) the willingness of the training establishment to allow young people to take part in the preparatory courses.